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thumbnail image Apart from Sunday, the Cathedral will be open for private prayer only between 10am and 4pm. Mass will be live streamed only at 5.30pm.

Sunday Mass: 8 and 10.30am, 12.30, 4 and 6pm

The Chaplains are required to self-isolate until next Sunday, 31 January, and are not available.


thumbnail image Apart from Sunday, the Cathedral will be open for private prayer only between 10am and 4pm. Mass will be live streamed only at 5.30pm.

Sunday Mass: 8 and 10.30am, 12.30, 4 and 6pm

The Chaplains are required to self-isolate until next Sunday and are not available.

Sunday 24 January 3rd SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME
(Of the Word of God)
Tuesday 26 January Ss Timothy and Titus, Bishops
Wednesday 27 January Feria
Thursday 28 January St Thomas Aquinas, Priest & Doctor
10.30am Funeral: Shindo Maguire RIP
(The Cathedral will be closed to the public during this service)
Friday 29 January Feria, Friday abstinence
Saturday 30 January Blessed Virgin Mary on Saturday
10.30am Mass for Consecrated Life: Cardinal Vincent Nichols (live-streamed)
Sunday 31 January 4th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME

As you may have seen, we are participating in the NHS Covid-19 App, to assist with track and trace. We do encourage you to make use of this app. Testing for Covid-19 if you are asymptomatic is now available in Cathedral Hall daily, 10am to 4pm. Please see the Westminster City Council website for further information:
https://www.westminster.gov.uk/CovidTest .
A test takes less than five minutes and results will be with you within an hour. 
Please do make use of this facility, which our local authority is providing to assist with maintaining our health and safety.

The toilets, Gift Shop and Café remain closed. The Chaplains can be contacted through Clergy House Reception if you wish to speak to them or are in need of assistance.


thumbnail image All human beings are brothers and sisters by blood and spiritually, and everyone is called to share eternal life through Jesus Christ, in full unity and peace. The realisation of this community of the children of God has begun in this life; it is called the Church. Jesus gave the Church his own gifts: infallibility in the truth, the power to forgive sins and to feed the faithful with his own Body and Blood. He also promised to stay with his Church and that the ‘gates of Hell’ would never prevail against it.

It began as a tiny group sent out to preach and baptise all over the world. Our Lord warned that the Good News would not always be welcomed. The Church is persecuted in many places. This is how she grows and triumphs over the world. Our Lord and the Apostles warned that there would be problems within the Church also. There can be selfishness, pride and so on; like in any family, we need repentance and forgiveness. And sometimes there are disagreements over the truth itself and the meaning of the words of Jesus. At these times we must listen to the Pope and the Bishops who are in communion with him, because Jesus promised that Peter would speak without error when there is significant doubt in his Church. Tragically, large groups have sometimes broken away from the Church over issues of truth. The full causes of these divisions can be complicated.

To add to the confusion, groups that split off from the Church often took with them various insights from Christian tradition and fruits of the life of grace. The Catholic Church, as founded by Christ, always carries on, even if smaller and wounded. Generations on, there are many other Christian groups full of good people who sincerely follow Jesus, but with some different teachings and resultant practices. This was never the intention of God. Non-Catholic Christians who are baptised are joined to the Church. But they are not in ‘full communion’; they do not yet share all the gifts that Jesus intends for his children. ‘Ecumenism’ means the effort to build a relationship of trust and understanding with our fellow Christians.

We must hope to ensure that our own weakness, pride and ignorance do not get in the way. We must grow in holiness and try to understand more deeply the truth that is in God. In this way we can explain our Catholic faith to other Christians without giving offence. We can appreciate and learn from their gifts, too. In time, we hope that many will be united again in the one Catholic Family of the Church. The Holy Spirit has said he wants this!

Fr Hugh McKenzie


thumbnail image As you may be aware, there are various candles and lamps which burn perpetually around the Cathedral; particularly before the Blessed Sacrament, in the Lady Chapel, and at the relics of St John Southworth.
Would you like one of these to burn in memory of a loved one, or for a particular intention? If so, we are asking for a donation of £10 per week, which will go towards defraying the costs of running the sacristy: candles, hosts, wine and other necessities for the celebration of Mass. Please hand in at Clergy House Reception or in one of the Cathedral’s donation boxes an envelope marked ‘Sanctuary Lamp Donation’, together with a note stating your particular intention, and the light you would like to burn for that intention.


thumbnail image Upcoming Events:
Tuesday, 9 February: Joanna Bogle is giving a talk on The Marian Shrines of England which will be live on Zoom at 7pm. Tickets £10.
Wednesday, 3 March: Alison Weir will give a talk on Katheryn Howard: The Tainted Queen. This will be live on Zoom at 7pm. Tickets £10.
Payment for all Friends’ events may be made via our Virgin Money Giving Link: https://tinyurl.com/FRIENDS-VMG .

A reminder that we have online tea and coffee after the Sunday 10.30am Mass. Please join in. You will find the link on the website beneath the live streaming portal.
Please note that we are only able to accept cheque payment for events if received a week before the event listed. If paying by cheque or VMG please confirm your booking via email: friends@rcdow.org.uk .
Please do join the Friends. We have a very active Facebook page and also an Instagram account to keep in touch with people through lockdown. We need new members to help support the work of Westminster Cathedral. For information on how to join call 020 7798 9059 or log on to the Cathedral website where you will find a downloadable membership form.


thumbnail image YOUR SUPPORT IN ACTION
Join CAFOD online this coming Saturday, 30 January from 10.30am to 12.30pm and listen to CAFOD’s representative live from Ethiopia talking about how your support is enabling communities to gain access to clean water. Contact westminster@cafod.org.uk for the registration link and further information.


Events of 2020 make this year’s Racial Justice Sunday on 31 January particularly important. To assist in your activities on the day and throughout 2021 please see in the link below a Reflection, a Message and a Prayer. Further resources will be added to the website in the days before 31 January including videos made by The Youth of the Zimbabwean Chaplaincy and Our Lady of Fatima, White City Parish. Please see https://www.cbcew.org.uk/home/events/racial-justice-sunday-2021/.
World Leprosy Day is also on 31 January. Leprosy is affecting Zimbabwe badly at the moment, the very country where a former sacristan of this Cathedral, John Bradburne, served a leper colony at Mutemwa and was martyred whilst so doing. The John Bradburne Memorial Society’s Centenary Mass for John was held here in the Cathedral.


thumbnail image Free professional online job hunting and self-employment coaching, information and activities for parishioners seeking work can be found at www.vitaeopus.co.uk.  Please pass the website on to anyone who might find it helpful.