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Frequently asked Questions

How can I get a name added to the Sunday Intercessions?

If you wish to have somebody included among the sick or dead prayed for on a Sunday please contact Clergy House reception and leave details with the receptionist.

Where can I find out more about becoming a priest in the Westminster diocese?

Please visit the website of the Seminary of the Diocese of Westminster Allen Hall, or visit www.ukpriest.org

How can I have Mass said for my intentions in the Cathedral?

If you wish to book a Mass intention please call at Clergy House reception. Masses to be said on a specific date require at least ten weeks notice. It should be noted that it is not our usual custom to read out a Mass intention at the beginning of a Mass unless this is pre-arranged.

How do I contact a priest if someone is ill?

In an emergency, when someone is gravely ill or has died, and a priest is required please contact Clergy House reception on 020 7798 9055. Outside reception opening hours please call 07340 288 978.

If you or someone you know is going into hospital it is important to remember that hospital staff will not inform the Catholic Chaplain of your presence unless you specifically ask them to contact the Catholic Chaplain and request a visit. Saying you are Roman Catholic is not enough to secure a visit.

A new Healthcare section on the Diocese of Westminster's website provides information about the work of the Hospital Chaplaincy Service and a full listing of Catholic Hospital Chaplains. Click here for more details.

Who should I contact about arranging a funeral?

Usually the undertaker engaged by a family or next of kin will contact the Cathedral to arrange a time and date. The undertaker should not commit to any time or date before consulting with the duty priest or another chaplain.

How do I become a Catholic?

When someone wants to become a Catholic, the normal procedure is to make an appointment to go and see your local Catholic priest. You are free to approach any priest anywhere, but it makes sense to go to your local Church, which will be most convenient for you. You can try and get him after Sunday Mass, but he might be busy then, so it is probably better to telephone. When you see him, he will make you welcome and invite you to talk about your desire to become a Catholic.

What happens next depends partly on local circumstances, partly on how much faith background you have and of what type. Many parishes have a small group of Catholics and “enquirers” meeting together once a week for several months or longer to explore what being a Catholic means. At the end of this process, known as the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) those who wish and are ready become Catholics, usually at Easter.

Who can be baptised at Westminster Cathedral?

Through the Sacrament of Baptism one becomes a member of the Catholic Church. Parents who would like to have their child baptised will need to take part in the preparation programme for this sacrament. To have your child baptised at the Cathedral, you must either live within the parish boundaries, or attend Mass here. Otherwise, we may require written permission from your parish priest. Click here for more details.